Friday, December 31, 2010

Honey by Mariah Carey [Lyrics and Video]

Honey was recorded for Mariah Carey's seventh album in 1997 -- 'Butterfly'.

This song was Mariah Carey's transition from pop to more R&B. Honey track earned two Grammy nominations in 1998 for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance and Best R&B Song.

Oh honey you can have me when you want me
If you simply ask me to be there
And you're the only one who makes me come running
'Cause what you got is far beyond compare

And it's just like honey
When you're love comes over me
Oh baby I've got a dependency
Always strung out for another taste of your honey
It's like honey when it washes over me
You know sugar never ever was so sweet
And I'm dying for ya, crying for ya, I adore ya
One hit of your love addicted me
Now I'm strung out on you darling
Don't you see
Every night and day
I can hardly wait
For another taste of honey
Honey you can't describe
How good it feels inside
Honey you can't describe
How good it feels inside

I can't be elusive with you honey
'Cause it's blatant that I'm feeling you
And it's too hard for me to leave abruptly
'Cause you're the only thing I wanna do


Now, what we gonna do right here
Is we gonna smooth it out

Oh oh honey got me hooked on you

And she won't stop